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Love Is The Cure

Hawaiian Paradise Series - Book 1

Nate Cater is a busy CEO of a multinational company and has no time for frivolous luxuries. So when his sister guilts him into a Hawaiian family vacation, he agrees, expecting to unwind and enjoy time under the tropical sun. But what he gets is anything but relaxing. From his sister's ulterior motive, to his mother's passive aggressive ways, these are enough reasons for him to grab the next flight home - if it weren't for the resort's beautiful healing guide changing his mind.

Jessie Bates knows about being hurt and finding redemption. After her boyfriend dumped her without warning she found solice in Hawaii. Now working as a counselor at a premiere healing resort in Oahu, she wants to help other lost souls. Her boss and clients love her work, but she yearns for more, a clinic of her own. By seeking a coveted scholarship at a renowned Kahuna school she hopes to make that reality come true.

But when Jessie's ex-boyfriend unexpectedly arrives at the resort with his fiancee, her old pain resurfaces. And if that weren't enough, Jessie's professionalism is pushed to the limit by Nate Carter, who's searing kiss she should never have accepted...

With Jessie so close to her dream, will she choose her career over the one man who could bring her true love and happiness?

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